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Raucous Rhymes from Anneliese
seen, right, in the
Storyteller’s Chair
at Seven Stories,
the Centre for Children’s Books
in Newcastle

Wonder Tales from storyteller Catherine Heinemeyer
- aka Nettlefoot Kate -
seen, right, at
Helmsley Green Fair

Anneliese Emmans Dean BB Star copy

Raucous Rhymes


‘Raucous Rhymes and Wonder Tales’ celebrates childhood across the centuries. Curl up and let storyteller Catherine Heinemeyer and me, Anneliese, transport you with tales of children of the past and present, from this country and from far, far away.


Whether you are a child yourself, or just  eternally youthful, come along and enjoy the antics and adventures of children of all sorts - rich and poor, happy and sad, mad and bad ...

Journey from the sublime to the ridiculous with Anneliese’s fun poems

 (like the one below) ...



... and be spellbound by Catherine’s magical stories.

Our first ‘Raucous Rhymes and Wonder Tales’  took place as part of the 2009 York Literature Festival, and we’ve since performed it at, e.g., Pocklington Arts Centre, as part of National Storytelling Week. Find out more

Here’s a taster of one of my Raucous Rhymes:


If you want to know more, or you’d like to put on the show where you are, email Anneliese

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