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‘Occasionally a poem speaks to someone in a way that touches a raw spot. As well as the Blake poem, Fleur Adcock’s poem Immigrant appears to have had a particular impact ...
Two of the poems for children were singled out for praise :
Who Dat Girl by Valerie Bloom and Passion Fruit
by Anneliese Emmans Dean.’

 Poems for the Waiting Room
 Evaluation Report

 Rogan Wolf

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‘Passion Fruit is a little
smile-bomb ... infectious
(in a good way, even in a
doctor's waiting room)
and magically uplifting.’

Martin Langfield
author of The Malice Box


Buzzing! - the book

“A fabulous fun-filled flight thru’ the wonderful world of the wiggly, wriggly and giggly”
Bumblebee Conservation Trust



Anneliese Emmans Dean  BB Star copy


Poems of mine have won prizes in national competitions, been broadcast on BBC radio and published in magazines ranging from Woman’s Weekly to the New Statesman. My poems also appear in my Kindle e-book, Rhymes of the Times 2010, and in my book Buzzing!, published by Brambleby Books in 2012 (with a Foreword by the Bumblebee Conservation Trust). Buzzing! was nominated for the 2013 Carnegie Medal and shortlisted for the 2013 Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize.

I have been commissioned to write poems by a wide variety of individuals and organisations, including the BBC. For example, The Radio 2 Arts Show commissioned a poem from me for World Poetry Day 2010, which I performed on the show live, in the company of Roger McGough. (Listen to my poem) Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour commissioned a poem for their 2010 New Year’s Eve show. (Find out more) And when the first female Poet Laureate was appointed in May 2009, the BBC commissioned me to write a poem (or two) to mark the occasion. (Read these poems)

I perform my poems in shows at theatres, festivals, conferences, restaurants and schools up and down the country. Find out more

My poems are also used across Britain in a variety of projects, including:

Composters’ Question Time
York Rotters have been commissioning work from me since 2007. In 2011, my eco-musical Compost! The (mini-)Musical won a Garden Organic Innovation Award. In 2012, Rotters asked me to come up with something for one of their volunteers’ training days. This was the result:


Apple Day Celebrations
I enjoy devising community events where everyone can join in making poetry. One such event was Apple Day at St Nicholas Fields/York Environment Centre.

Read all about it!

You can find out more about my community events here

Tourism Award Ceremony
VisitYork, York’s tourism agency, wanted to add a little something special to its annual Tourism Awards Ceremony, and commissioned me to write and perform a poem.

Read all about it!

The Clerks Songbook
In 2009 I was commissioned by the acclaimed early music vocal group The Clerks to write two contrafacta for their ‘Clerks Songbook’. These were contemporary lyrics to be sung to Renaissance melodies. The first performance took place at Kings Place in London in September 2009.

Poems for ... (previously known as Poems for the Waiting Room)
Poems for the Waiting Room does what it says on the tin – it provides poems to be put up in waiting rooms in hospitals, GP surgeries, dentists etc.

“Poems for the Waiting Room is an inspired scheme, which combines two of poetry's
sacred powers: to be entertaining and salubrious. I've been delighted to be a part of it.”
Andrew Motion, Poet Laureate

A number of my poems are used in the project.

International Compost Awareness Day, 2007
I was commissioned by York Rotters, who work to promote composting in York, to write and perform some poems and worm charms for International Compost Awareness Week in May 2007.

A healthy eating campaign in Southend, Essex
To celebrate Valentine’s Day 2006, all the staff at Southend Hospital were sent a copy of my poem Passion Fruit. This was part of a healthy eating initiative to encourage staff to eat fruit as a snack. An accompanying cake was made in the shape of a heart, decorated with fruit.
More (pdf)

National Poetry Day, 2006
To celebrate National Poetry Day 2006, Tri Arts, the Arts and Humanities department at the Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust, worked with Graphics students from Falmouth College of Arts to produce A3-size poems to be displayed as posters in wards, public spaces and waiting areas. The students chose to create a poster of my poem Passion Fruit.
View the poster (pdf)

email me to discuss how I can bring poetry to your project.


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