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Find out about my hit
show at the Edinburgh Fringe!

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‘An absolute must’
Primary Times

 ‘What a tour de force!
Joyce Grenfell eat your heart out.
You were brilliant.’

  Buzzing! feedback

‘Thank you for a wonderfully enjoyable, sociable, hedonistic and educational evening on Sunday! It really was a
wonderful night out.’

  Rhyme and Dine feedback

‘Anneliese is “fantastic” and “great” (Oliver’s mummy has never before seen him quite
so utterly besotted
with a person).’

  Rhyme-time Ramble feedback

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I perform a number of acclaimed poetry shows at festivals, theatres, conferences (find out more), schools, parks and all sorts of other places besides, up and down the country. Some shows are suitable for adults, some for children, some for families. I adapt the content and length of each show to suit the age of my audience and the nature of the event. In other words, tell me what sort of show you’d like, and I’ll put it on for you!

Anneliese Emmans Dean

 Find out more about my shows by clicking the links below.

  • Buzzing! - My award-winning, fun, multimedia celebration of garden minibeasts, in poetry, projected close-up images, and music. (For adults, children or family - see Buzzing! options.)
  • Rhyme and Dine evenings - A celebration of fine food, with entertaining poems interwoven between the courses of a sumptuous meal. (For adults.)
  • Rhymes of the Times - My wry look back over recent current affairs. (For adults and teenagers.)
  • Raucous Rhymes and Wonder Tales - A journey into childhood across the centuries, in fun poems and spell-binding stories. (For children and for adults.)
  • Stomping through the Seasons - Find out why shoes were invented and how they are made in this show for 5-11-year-olds. Includes a real live shoemaker!
  • Flying High - Britain’s birds as you’ve never heard them before! (For adults, children or family audiences.)
  • Rhyme-time Rambles - An outdoor ramble through a park, woodland, nature reserve ... with rhymes along the way. (For toddlers, children, families or adults - content tailored to suit age groups.)

See a show where you are!

email me to discuss putting on a BigBuzz poetry show for you.

All BigBuzz shows aim to inspire:

  • wellbeing through words
  • learning through laughter, rhythm and rhyme.

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