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Performance Licence FAQs


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Do I need a Performance Licence?

Musicals are protected by copyright law. By law, you must have a Performance Licence issued by theBigBuzz™ in order to put on a public performance of a BigBuzz eco-musical - whether or not you charge an admission fee to your show. A Performance Licence also allows you to:

  • photocopy the songs and spoken parts for your performers
  • display the songs and spoken parts on a whiteboard
  • make transparencies for overhead projection.

Without the licence, you are not permitted to do these things.

What is a public performance?

Your performance is a public performance if your audience consists of parents, relatives or friends of the performers, or anyone who is not a member of your school/performing group.

Doesnít my PRS licence cover me already?

No. Your existing PRS licence does not cover musicals. By law, you need a Performance Licence issued by theBigBuzz™ in order to put on a public performance of a BigBuzz eco-musical.

What about my box office takings?

If you are charging admission to your performance, then 10% of the box office takings are also due to theBigBuzz.

I have a Performance Licence for one BigBuzz eco-musical. Does that cover me for all BigBuzz eco-musicals?

No. You need a separate Performance Licence for each BigBuzz musical you perform.

How long does a Performance Licence last?

A Performance Licence lasts for one year. If you want to continue using the materials and/or performing a BigBuzz eco-musical after your year-long licence has expired, you need to renew your Performance Licence, which you can do - at an online discount - here

We want to record our performance. Does our Performance Licence cover that?

No. Please contact for a Recording Licence.

Some of our performance is going to be broadcast. Does our Performance Licence cover that?

No. Please contact with details of your broadcast.

Iíve already paid for the musical. Why should I bother with a Performance Licence?

For two reasons.
1: Itís the law!
2. Itís the revenue we receive from Performance Licences that enables theBigBuzz to continue its mission to provide Ďeco-edutainment for all agesí.

Where can I find out more?

If you have any queries, please contact
Read A Guide to Copyright Licensing in Schools (pdf)


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