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Go M.A.D.! - FAQs


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How many people are needed to perform Go M.A.D.!?

To perform Go M.A.D.!, you need to divide your choir into two groups. So, how small or big do you want your groups to be ...? Itís up to you!

What ages is Go M.A.D.! suitable for?

  • Go M.A.D.! is best suited for ages 9 to 14.
  • However, older teenagers and adults will also enjoy learning and performing it.

What equipment do I need to perform Go M.A.D.!?

What does Go M.A.D.! consist of?

  • 10 songs (some to well-known tunes from the classical canon, some to original tunes by Anneliese Emmans Dean).
  • Short spoken parts, containing carbon footprint statistics.

How long does it take to teach Go M.A.D.!?

  • You can teach Go M.A.D.! in as little as a day.
  • Or over as much as a term, including more of the props, background info. etc.

How long does it take to perform Go M.A.D.!?

  • Approximately 15 minutes

Do performers and/or teacher need to be able to read music?

What does the Go M.A.D.! Resource CD contain?

  • Introductory message from Anneliese
  • mp3s of live performances of each song
  • backing track for each song
  • pdf of musical, for you to print out
  • musical on PowerPoint, for you to project
  • pdfs of the sheet music, for you to print out.

Can Go M.A.D.! be learned and performed outdoors?

  • Yes!

Why do I need a Performance Licence?

Where can I find out more about Go M.A.D.!?

Where can I find out more about performances of Go M.A.D.!?

Can Anneliese come and teach Go M.A.D.! to us?

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