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Eco-Musicals: Feedback


‘The children loved your workshop and the verbal feedback has been so very positive.’
Lesley White, City of York Council, Schools’ Council Conference Workshops, March 2012

‘A fabulous resource!’
Garden Organic National Masters Awards, May 2011

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(I was commissioned to write Compost! The (mini-)Musical by York Rotters, to whom this award was presented, as you can see above.)

Victoria Pendry, Advanced Skills Teacher City of York Council:

‘I delivered Compost! The (mini-)Musical to a group of year 3/4 pupils at Park Grove Primary School in June 2010. We had one day to prepare and perform, and that was certainly filled with a lot of fun as well as good learning opportunities. The pupils responded well to the easy melodies and catchy lyrics. The compost drumming was a real highlight - particularly after we had decorated them appropriately. Our performance was a real success and the pupils all agreed that their own “Teaching and Learning” had been pretty outstanding that day.’






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