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Are you putting on an event? A festival, fair, holiday club or community get-together?
Are you looking for quality entertainment for families, children, teenagers or adults that will make your event stand out from the crowd?
I provide a range of unique outdoor and indoor BigBuzz activities, workshops and shows to suit all ages.

Download the full brochure of
BigBuzz event options here (pdf)

Choose from:

08-RhymeTime-Ramble-WEb - Buzzing!
 - Community Haiku Writing
 - Compost! The (mini-)Musical
 - Family Photography Workshop
 - Rhyme Time Ramble
 - Rhyme and Dine.




Events I have taken part in include:

08-08-Compost-Helmsley - Green fairs, green festivals and green holiday clubs
 - River festivals
 - Biodiversity festivals
 - Darwin celebrations
 - National Science and Engineering Week
 - National Insect Week
 - Save Our Bees events
 - Wildlife in the Garden events
 - Community picnics.


Clients include:

09-03-busybees-intechWeb - the National Trust
 - the Royal Horticultural Society
 - North York Moors National Parks Authority
 - Natural England
 - Tayside Biodiversity Partnership
 - the Royal Entomological Society.




Locations include:

10---09---Compost-at-Bening - botanic gardens
 - parks
 - stately homes
 - museums
 - orchards
 - environment and visitor centres
 - railway stations
 - the UKs largest planetarium
 - Kew at Castle Howard.


Download the full brochure of
BigBuzz event options here (pdf)

email Anneliese to discuss your event ...


Download the full brochure of
BigBuzz event options here (pdf)

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