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Compost! The (mini-)Musical FAQs


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How many people are needed to perform Compost! The (mini-)Musical?

  • Minimum: 9 (Though 3 confident adults could perform it by themselves ...)
  • Maximum: The sky’s the limit!

What ages is Compost! The (mini-)Musical suitable for?

  • Minimum: 7 years old (though younger children have learned it successfully too)
  • Maximum: 107!

The Teachers’ Pack and Resource CD contain one version for children aged 7-10, and one for older children/young people/adults.

What equipment do I need to perform Compost! The (mini-)Musical?

  • Three compost bins. (Teachers’ Pack gives details of where to obtain these.)
  • Three sets of drum beaters. (These can be ‘proper’ drum beaters, or anything you’ve found - e.g. twigs - that will make a sound when banged on a compost bin.)

What does Compost! The (mini-)Musical consist of?

  • Six songs
  • Drumming
  • Spoken parts

How long does it take to teach Compost! The (mini-)Musical?

  • You can teach a very mini version in 30 minutes!
  • You can teach the whole musical in as long as you like - e.g. over the course of a term

How long does it take to perform Compost! The (mini-)Musical?

  • The most ‘mini’ version lasts under 10 minutes.
  • The most ‘maxi’ version can last over 25 minutes.

Do performers and/or teacher need to be able to read music?

No! However, if you do read music, song sheets are included for you in the Teachers’ Pack and Resource CD.

What does the Compost! The (mini-)Musical Resource CD contain?

  • Introductory message from Anneliese
  • mp3s of live performances of each song
  • backing track for each song
  • pdf of musical, for you to print out
  • musical on PowerPoint, for you to project
  • pdfs of the sheet music, for you to print out.

Can Compost! The (mini-)Musical be learned and performed outdoors?

Yes! Compost! The (mini-)Musical can be learned and performed indoors, or outdoors, making it a great ‘learning outside the classroom’ experience, and ideal for festivals, environment centres etc.

Why do I need a Performance Licence?

See Licence FAQs

Where can I find out more about Compost! The (mini-)Musical?

Click here!

Where can I find out more about performances of Compost! The (mini-)Musical?

Click here!

What do teachers and performers think of Compost! The (mini-)Musical?

Find out here!

Can Anneliese come and teach Compost! The (mini-)Musical to us?

Probably! email me to find out.

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