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Performance Licence FAQs

Put on a BigBuzz eco-musical
where you are!

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Compost! The (mini-)Musical Songs:

  - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  - What Can We Put in the
   Compost Bin?
  - The Wee Pee Song
  - The French Song
  - Round and Round the Goodness
  - Compost Rap



Compost! The(mini-)Musical
on the radio



“ ... ”

‘Please come back and visit us again. We all really enjoyed it.’

Jessica, age 9
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Anneliese and her Teaching Pack

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Eco-Musical no. 1:


Compost! The (mini-)Musical

A composition about decomposition ...

Compost! The (mini-)Musical wins a national award! Find out more

And ... Compost! The (mini-)Musical crosses the Atlantic! Find out more

Easy to learn, fun to perform, Compost! The (mini-)Musical teaches performers and their audiences how we can all help combat global warming through worm power - by composting our waste.

“A superb learning experience”
Suzie Finn, Year 4 Teacher


‘It was grate fun.’ Ryan, age 8
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The comprehensive Teaching Pack with Resource CD contains everything you need to teach Compost! The (mini-)Musical to your pupils or group (children, teenagers or adults) - no matter how musical (or not) you may be!

“I enjoyed banging on the drums and singing the songs.”
Rachel, age 8

Great to learn ‘from scratch’ in 30 minutes at festivals and parties, or over a longer time span at Brownie and Cub groups (e.g. towards the Environment badge). Perfect for schools too, delivering your Sustainable Schools Doorway Themes with rhythm - over as long as a term. The Teaching Pack includes versions for younger children (7-11 year olds) and for older children and/or adults.

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Compost! The (mini-)Musical is written by Anneliese Emmans Dean. Anneliese has worked closely with her local composting champions, York Rotters, to ensure that the information it contains is accurate.

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Just £25 + performance licence

If you teach Compost! The (mini-)Musical over a longer time scale, you can incorporate more songs and spoken parts, more related activities and more background information about composting. Anneliese can come to where you are and teach Compost! in half a day, or you can teach the musical yourself over the course of up to a whole term using the comprehensive Teaching Pack with Resource CD (just £25 + performance licence).

Compost! The (mini-)Musical supports the following Sustainable Schools Doorway Themes:

  • Food and drink
  • Purchasing and waste
  • Inclusion and participation
  • Local well-being
  • Global dimension.

Your pupils become ambassadors for composting in your school, with a show they can perform to the rest of the school, to parents, and in the community.

Primary (KS2) and secondary school/adult versions available.

‘Our performance was a real success and the pupils all agreed that their own “Teaching and Learning” had been pretty outstanding that day.’
Victoria Pendry, Advanced Skills Teacher, York

‘The children loved every minute of learning it,
practising it and performing it’
Suzie Finn, Year 4 Teacher
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Read more about Compost! in action in schools, parks, festivals,
on the radio, indoors and out ...


Compost! The (mini-)Musical provides a rich, creative cross-curricular learning experience, encompassing music, art, literacy, French, science, geography and citizenship. It also meets the following Every Child Matters outcomes:

  • ‘Enjoy and Achieve’
  • ‘Making a Positive Contribution’.

Compost! also addresses:

  • Enterprise Education, especially if incorporated into a unit of work on improving waste management in the school or community.

There are two options for putting on Compost! The (mini-)Musical where you are:

1. Anneliese can come to your school/event and teach Compost! The (mini-)Musical.
email Anneliese for details

2. You can teach Compost! The (mini-)Musical yourself using the comprehensive Teaching Pack with Resource CD. The 48-page colour Teaching Pack comes with a Resource CD that contains:
- Introductory message
- Recordings of live performances of each song
- Backing tracks
- Lyrics for performers (pdf)
- Lyrics as PowerPoint.

Order your Teaching Pack here!

For more information, see theBigBuzz Eco-Musicals FAQs.

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