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Children’s Buzzing! Feedback

 ‘I personly think that you are
the best poet in the world’

‘All your poetry was
absolutely brill!’

‘We were amazed and inspired
by your magnificent poetry’

‘You are increadible at poetry.’

‘You Rock!’

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“Anneliese has discovered the poetry in insects
and knows a lot about them
as well.
She has the Buzz!”
Quentin Blake


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Buzzing! options


Buzzing! comes in many edu-taining flavours, to suit your audience, and your event.

The show can be as short (e.g. 20 minutes) or as long (e.g. 90 minutes plus interval) as you wish.

It can be for different age groups (ranging from 3-year-olds right through to family or
adult-only audiences), and different venues (from theatres and festivals through to schools and environment centres).

You can opt for live music composed and performed by internationally acclaimed
John Rayson, or for recorded music.

Choose from general Buzzing! shows about:

  • Garden minibeasts or
  • Garden insects (so no spiders, slugs or snails!)

and from a range of special themed Buzzing! shows, concentrating on, for example:

  • Bees
    - Bumblebees, solitary bees, honey bees, flies that look like bees ...
    Find out more
  • Pollinators
    - How bees, butterflies and other minibeasts pollinate flowers. And why we couldn’t live without them!
  • Moths
    - Come out in the dark, and follow our show with live moth-trapping by moth expert
    Dr Dave Chesmore FRES
    Find out more
  • Moths and butterflies
    - What is the difference between moths and butterflies? How many are there of each? Who is the most beautiful of them all?
  • Insects that live near water
    - Mayflies, dragonflies, damselflies and a beetle found only on the banks of the River Ouse here in York ...
  • Beetles
    - Includes many many different sorts of ladybirds!
  • Darwin and garden minibeasts
    - Learn about the life and work of Darwin through the ladybirds, worms etc. in your garden
    Find out more
  • Garden Heroes
    - Learn about the heroic exploits of the pollinators, composters and predators in our gardens
    Find out more
  • Garden Heroes and Villains
    - Learn about the good, the bad and the ugly roaming around our gardens ...
  • Inventions (aka Biomimicry)
    - Learn about the many inventions in our daily lives that were inspired by insects and other minibeasts.

Shows can be followed by wildlife walks, minibeast hunts, photography workshops, poetry workshops or music workshops.

To find out more about any of these options, and to discuss which is the best Buzzing! for you, email Anneliese

Buzzing! - the book

Buzzing! front cover
“A fabulous fun-filled flight thru’ the wonderful world of the wiggly, wriggly and giggly”
Bumblebee Conservation Trust


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