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A member of York Authors

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12-08-AnnelieseEmmansDeanWelcome to theBigBuzz, home of Anneliese Emmans Dean, poet, performer, lyricist, composer and wildlife photographer from York, England.

I perform my humorous poems in a variety of acclaimed shows and events, providing amusing and uplifting edu-tainment for adults and for children.

For example, my award-winning multimedia eco-show Buzzing! is a fun celebration of garden minibeasts in poetry, projected photos and music, as performed at festivals, theatres and schools up and down the land.

“Anneliese Emmans Dean has discovered the poetry in insects and knows a lot about them as well.
She has the Buzz!” Quentin Blake

206 Listen to one of my Buzzing! poems
(Performed on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour)

My Buzzing! book is shortlisted for the 2013 Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize. It was nominated for this year’s Carnegie Medal, and is also a National Insect Week recommended book.

My Rhyme and Dine evenings celebrate fine food and good company.

“Anneliese Emmans Dean is a gifted poet,
performer and communicator.”
Oxford Daily Info.

My Rhymes of the Times shows take a wry look at current affairs.

206 Listen to one of my Rhymes of the Times

My award-winning eco-musicals promote sustainability through creativity. I run workshops to teach the musicals in a morning or a day, and also supply comprehensive teaching packs for you to teach the eco-musicals to your group

I  also run photography workshops, and poetry workshops linked to the National Curriculum.

“I personly think that you are the best poet
in the world.”
Jack, Year 5

My poems are used in projects across Britain. Find out more ...


I am a member of Equity and of the National Association of Writers in Education.

‘It was funny, humorous, amusing
and she never let us be bored’
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My photos are used in books, calendars and in the scientific literature, as well as by me in my Buzzing! show, my Buzzing! book and theBigBuzz blog.

For the latest discoveries in theBigBuzz garden, news of my poetry performances and much more, visit theBigBuzz blog.

To contact me, email

And to find out how you can make a valuable contribution to science by recording the wildlife you see, click here!



Red Admiral butterfly, link to The Urban Wildlife Ring homepage

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Anneliese Emmans Dean BB Star copy
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